Aroma Soap

Our 100% Natural Hand Made Soap it’s made to look after your skin and mind. Rich in Shea Butter to condition your hands and body. 

With pure Essential Oils to soothe your soul.




Vegan Friendly


All Our Products Are 

Made With Natural Ingredients, And Essential Oils.




Cruelty Free 

Palm Oil Free.

Aroma Steamers

If you don't have a bath, or simply don't have time to have a bath, and you need a pick up Aroma Steamers are the perfect aromatherapy session for your shower!
As the water hits the Aroma Steamer the steam becomes infused with the beautiful fragrance to help calm, relax, destress or energise the body and mind.

You can use these in a bath tub with shower head, shower tray, or wet room. However, please note, they should not be used as a bath bomb.

Aroma Home

The Aroma Home is a natural soy and coconut wax with the addition of fragrance oils and dried flowers. The Aroma Home are perfect to fragrance closets, drawers and other small spaces. When the fragrance becomes weaker, you can use it as wax melt.